Multiverse is a virtual exhibition exploring the relationship between individuals and the multiple existing universes. Equally conceptual and visual, Multiverse will never be a finished piece on itself; it’s ever-evolving and generative as the structure we live in. The exhibition consists originally in a series of drawings & paintings, which later progressed to audiovisual short pieces.

Multiverse started as my urging need for a self explanation about decision-making and the infinite paths contained in every single action. I was always intrigued by this input-output relationship which spreads like a massive wire frame and intersects between different human beings, happening at the same time. I used to believe there was a fixed arriving point, before I realized we are all immerse in these multiple realities, in which we only choose the input and receive a constant output, no matter how big or small the decision may seem. That constant output is replicated with all different types of variables in our parallel worlds.


For this project, I used the following softwares:

Adobe After Effects for motion graphics videos

Autodesk Maya to create the exhibition space

Substance Painter to texture the space

Arnold for rendering

Adobe Premiere to edit the clip