AMAME - Louta

Full video can be watched through this link:

‘Amame’ is a song by LOUTA, an Argentinean musician, songwriter and producer. This is the official video clip.

Thanks to technologies such as Google Studio, Autodesk Maya, 3D Facial Scanning, and Adobe After Effects, a virtual character interpreting the singer could be placed on different world wide scenarios.

My main task involved tracking the footage, placing the 3D Model and Lighting the scene.


Credits to the talented team who made this project possible:

Directed by JP Bonino

Written by JP Bonino y Mon Rodríguez

VFX & 3D by Micaela Arslanian

Edited by Mon Rodríguez

Graphics by Josefina Alen

Executive Production by Manuel Waldman

General Production by Manuel Waldman y Peter Ehrlich (Agencia Picante)

Produced by Agencia Picante y Pantera&Co